How Does It Work?

  • Call us on our TOLL FREE number: 0800 222 939 to do a PHONE OR a Facebook APPLICATION
  • OR TO BOOK AN IN-HOUSE APPOINTMENT. (In-House Appointments available in only in Auckland 9am-7pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat)

ID Verification

  • Have your ID READY. (Valid Drivers Licence OR Valid Passport OR 18+ Card with Debit or Credit Card Showing Name & Signature are Only Acceptable Form of ID’s)

Proof Of Income

  • Recent Last One Month’s Bank Statement with 1 Recent Payslip (1 to 3 weeks old)
  • If you have access to internet banking, it’s very Simple, we will send you a Link on your phone/computer through a message or an e-mail, once you log-into your bank account through the link you can send your statements directly to the finance company. It is the safest, quickest and most modern way to do it
  • And if you do not have access to internet banking, then you can contact your bank and ask them to send your statements through to you or to us. Email Us: bestbargain939@gmail.com Recent Last One Month’s Bank Statement with 1 Recent Payslip (1 to 3 weeks old)
  • If You receive Any Benefit/Income either from IRD or Winz---Proof of That Income will also be required
  • Please Note:
    Your Application will Not be Processed Until Finance Company has Your Bank Statement

Quick & Fast Process

  • Once you are ready it takes only 10-15 Minutes to complete the application, our trained consultants prepare your application on your behalf and use their knowledge and experience so that your application has MAXIMUM chances of getting APPROVED.Usually We get the answer the same Day or at the very latest by the Next Day. We’ll immediately inform you about the outcome of your application as soon as the finance Company get back to us.

Manual or Secure Signage

  • Once your application is approved we’ll arrange a Secure-Signage (Or Manual Signage if you are in Auckland Area or Secure Signage is not possible due to any reason) for you with the Finance Company to complete the documentation. As soon as It’s done we usually Dispatch your Delivery within 48 hours. Then it totally depends on Freight Company, your location, and Product. Usually Freight Company Delivers your goods between 3 to 10 working days. In Auckland the standard Delivery Period is within 48 Hours (Subject to availability of stock)